Glad to have been on your funk fuelled 45 you guys groove hard ! These boys have their mojo working !”

— Fred Wesley,Steve Cropper ( Stax Records)

Critically acclaimed group,The Soul Immigrants led by irrepressible frontman Emrys Baird, are a potent mixture of musical ideas,fusing urban rhythms, gritty P-funk, soul jazz,latin and beyond.The band are one of London's longest running funk bands,originally formed by Emrys & Nitin Sawhney. They are known more in Japan (signed to P-Vine Tokyo) than their own home turf but things are changing for them as their new funky single (featuring The JB's trombonist,Fred Wesley) has been championed by Craig Charles BBC Radio 6 and Robert Elms BBC Radio London,Solar Radio & Delite Radio.

Live you can expect some exciting funk filled, sassy grooves, heaps of audience participation and phenomenal soloing!The trio team up with former member and special guest on alto sax, Entropi's,cutting edge bandleader,Dee Byrne.If you like your horn horny,your bass like Bootsy and your guitar groovy, their show should be just the ticket for you.


This band Is fierce! *Carleen Anderson*
The soul Immigrants are true soul brothers! *Charles Bradley*

It's good to see Sunk Without The Funk from The Soul Immigrants finally committed to vinyl. This will have longevity In many DJs record boxes *Snowboy*

You're in my Top Ten best singles for November! *DJ Dom Servini Wah Wah
There's a funk riot going on in South London leading the revolt are the Soul Immigrants and this band's realistic sounding Deep Funk must be shared! DJ Prestige
A keyboard lovers paradise( and some great drumming featured as well) this reminds me of some Lonnie Smith at Club Mozambique fast and furious and on the brink of being out of control!  An unabashed horniness seems to resound round these guys!

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The Soul Immigrants

The Soul Immigrants

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