About Us

We are a london based  3/4 piece outfit specialising in Funk & Soul Jazz.
The bands has its own 45 7 inch vinyl only Record Label & our last  album
The Hustle Is On was licensed to P-vine Japan.

The Soul Immigrants are
Emrys Baird - Guitar Vcls
David Bouet - Drums Vcls 
Al Gibson - Bass Keys Vcls

 (on some gigs additional sax is added)
Management Mike Tanousis mtanousis at me.com

This is the official site of The Soul Immigrants a 3/4 piece London based groove orientated band who have been plying their funky and soulful wares for sometime now and their spanking summer anthem epic  "Golden Summer Rays" is on no less than 5 compilation albums
it's exclusively released in Japan by P-Vine.It also features on 
the new album 'The Hustle Is On ' which is available now.
There is a new Funk 45 'Yard Of Hard' featuring The JB's Fred Wesley and it's already selling in Australia,Japan and The Netherlands
'Despite their name this south London outfit have produced a very funky &jazzy 45 with touches of Afro Funk &
trippy 70's vocals.On the flip side 'Sunk Without The Funk'-fast & funky with some great keyboards out on new label
'Dry Rooti' One to watch me thinks...Phil Levene Soul m8 ma

The group  has opened for Japans's No1 super heavy funk band Osaka Monaurail @ 229 Club London recently as well as Fred Wesley &The New JB's.
we've also opened for Steve Cropper from Booker T & The MG's.I got to hang out with him too asking him about Hendrix,Al Green and of course Otis Redding!

 The album "The Hustle Is On"  is also now out in Japan on P-Vine Records
Special Guests are trombonist Fred Wesley on two tracks, ex Amy Winehouse guitarist Robin Banerjee and gospel singer Katarina Sandell

Press Quotes.

'These boys have got their groove on.' Steve Cropper

'This band are true soul brothers.' Charles Bradley

'The Soul Immigrants are fierce and funky.' Carleen Anderson

'It's good to see Sunk Without The Funk finally committed to vinyl.This will have longevity In many DJs record boxes.' Snowboy

'You're in my Top Ten best singles for November!' DJ Dom Servini Wah Wah Records 

Dry Rooti Records first 45 is 'The Ghetto There's No Way Out' and 'Sunk Without The Funk' The vinyl is
 distributed by Sticky Records and digitally itunes  They're playing it on the radio from SanFrancisco to Helsinki,Japan,France,Holland Italy Spain and beyond, Craig Charles played it on BBC radio 6  too! BBC RADIO 6


There's a funk riot going on in South London leading the revolt are the Soul Immigrants and this band's realistic sounding Deep Funk must be shared! DJ Prestige

A keyboard lovers paradise( and some great drumming featured as well) this reminds me of some Lonnie Smith at Club Mozambique fast and furious and on the brink of being out of control! Fleamarketfunk.com


What have NITIN SAWHNEY,Trinidian Diva Z STAR,speed rapper JCOO1,LEDBIB'S bassist Liran Donin and GILAD ATZMON all have in common?Answer: They've all been through the ranks of this special band over the past 19 years!! Formed in 1992 by Emrys Baird&Nitin...

The Soul Immigrants continue to make original and intelligent jazzy, deep funk grooves.' They have every right to sound confident; their variety shows itself through the music, and combined with the influence of a previous generation of funk and soul results in a character that would be hard to emulateThe Soul Immigrants are on it not because they pander to whatever sound is currently fashionable, but because they have unmistakable talent for performance and composition that any fan of live music shouldn't miss out on. Be prepared to dance and join the party in full swing mode when you go to one of their gigs. Emrys Baird is a consummate frontman and all round entertainer and this six piece are real funk masters for sure with the grittiest of horn sections and vocals to die for ! This is retro feel-good music - unashamedly yesterday’s sounds for today!

Lee Tyler - Editor of Blues & Soul Magazine

Here’s what the press say about the 3 albums:

..somewhere between Incognito and Jamiroquai .. 'Tension In The City' is an exciting tale of urban decay and Gang culture and Nitin Sawhney's 'Earl's Tribute' cuts the mustard with trip-hoppish backbeat and georgeous spanish guitar ... (DJ Magazine, London)
..positively funky vibes .. songs are unpretentious.. (Straight No Chaser)
..impressive debut .. more than a great Jazz-Funk band .. a great album from a promising band ..(Jazz On CD)
This outfit can cruise through playing a varied repertoire of songs, ranging from originals that sound like old soul-funk classics to other more luscious grooves including Latin and Afrobeat…………(Solar Radio FM)

Soul Immigrants continue to mine a musical playing field that pays homage to the past masters of soul, funk and Jazz.The Immigrants do it so well and with such style,that it is still relevant today.
The band has amassed a steady stream of dedicated followers in Germany and Japan rather than their native U.K. bedazzling fans with an irresistible blend of"in the pocket grooves" and '70s-era soul/funk. The band has gone through several lineup changes during their career, but through it all their leader has remained singer/songwriter Emrys Baird a passionate,skillful singer and a supreme soul/jazz guitarist as well.
Here we have a band that are more than just cool dance-jazz. In a world of manufactured bands and a commercially driven music industry where creativity and individuality are rare, Soul Immigrants continue to take their soulful blend of jazz and groove across London and continue to fuel the flames of funk in a joyous.uplifting manner.The group is currently doing the rounds in the clubs and played Ronnie Scotts recently

Geoff Todd- Promoter @ Boisdales entertainment

The band now have their own label Dry Rooti Records and their first 45 RPM is now out as is their debut album for PVine Records Japan

Artists We Also Like
Many Many!
Old School Funk ,R&B,Jazz Funk,Rock,
Band Interests
Playing Live,making people happy and watching them dance simple philosophy!