The Soul Immigrants are fierce and funky.”

— Carleen Anderson

These boys have got their groove on. ”

— Steve Cropper ( Stax Records )

An incredibly large and impressive sound from this three piece”

— Adrian Gibson AMGP

Project Name

The Soul Immigrants continue to make original and intelligent jazzy, deep funk grooves.' They have every right to sound confident; their variety shows itself through the music, and combined with the influence of a previous generation of funk and soul results in a character that would be hard to emulateThe Soul Immigrants are on it not because they pander to whatever sound is currently fashionable, but because they have unmistakable talent for performance and composition that any fan of live music shouldn't miss out on. Be prepared to dance and join the party in full swing mode when you go to one of their gigs. Emrys Baird is a consummate frontman and all round entertainer and this three,(sometimes four) piece are real funk masters for sure  and vocals to die for ! This is retro feel-good music - unashamedly yesterday’s sounds for today! 

Lee Tyler Editor Blues & Soul Magazine

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The Soul Immigrants Ft.Dee Byrne

The Soul Immigrants Ft.Dee Byrne

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